Q. Why consider LWM International solutions to those offered through the bank?

A. LWM International carefully select and partner with those companies that can offer our clients something ‘exclusive’ that they themselves cannot access directly through a bank.

In addition, being independent and not offering our ‘own’ solutions, we can offer out clients unbiased advice in finding them the best solution.

Q. What is the minimum amount I need to invest to be considered for your services?

A. There is no minimum (as such). Our clients range from ultra high-net worth individuals to those seeking assistance in opening a monthly private pension plan, with small monthly injections. We simply welcome all those who require our guidance for an improved financial future.

Q. Is there a charge for the initial consultation?

A. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

Q. How does LWM International generate its income?

A. We get paid a similar fee indirectly from all our partners whose solutions we use, meaning there is no ‘influence’ towards any advice. Should you wish to act upon any of our recommendations, all fees are clearly explained.

Q. At any point, am I obliged to follow through?

A. At no moment is there an obligation to act upon the advice we offer. We only wish to work with those clients that genuinely require our assistance and see the value we bring.

Q. I am extremely nervous when it comes to investing, but I am curious. Is this something for me?

A. No matter how cautious you are, there is nothing to lose in receiving a free no-obligation consultation. Our job is to understand your financial needs and objectives and then demonstrate those solutions that satisfy them. As previously mentioned, we only proceed to implement any solution if we have your 100% commitment, and though we have the expertise, the control is always with you.

Q. How is my money protected.

LWM International are authorised to advise clients throughout Europe.

Our investment partners are internationally recognised and authorised with high standards of governance and compliance.

Q. How do I get in contact?

Call us on 00(34) 954059007

Email: pm@lwm-int.com

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Please contact us by phone on 00(34) 954059007
or email: pm@lwm-int.com

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