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Wealth Management

LWM International specialise in the protection, preservation and growth of your hard earned wealth.

Our Wealth Management solutions centre around creating and maintaining a portfolio that is specifically tailored towards helping you achieve your objectives under a pre-determined risk profile.

When it comes to investing, there are two different options, one is to invest a lump-sum over a short-term period, the other is a regular savings account over a medium to long time horizon.

Lump Sum Investments

LWM International has long standing partnerships with investment companies who specialise in creating, managing and delivering tailor-made portfolios for lump-sum investments.

You as the client, are kept regularly informed and remain fully in control. This ensures that all decisions relating to your investment are fully transparent and that we work in tandem with your expectations.

The process we adopt are broken into the following steps:

1. Understanding your investment objectives and expectations

The first step is to ensure we are all on the ‘same page’. This assures there is a two-way understanding between us, meaning you fully apprehend every minute detail of the process, and that we comprehend your objectives, expectations and concerns. It is from this Q&A session with your Wealth Manager that we can begin to formulate what solutions would be salient.

2. Researching the market to find a list of best solutions

Our specialised team of investment managers will use the information provided by the Wealth Manager to scout the entire market to generate those proposals that satisfy your criteria.

3. Follow-up meeting to explain and discuss our findings

Given a solution is found, we then present this to you in a report, explaining why and how we concluded to this, whether it ‘checks off’ with what you were seeking, and all the finer details. Only if you are completely satisfied with the solution, do we proceed to implementation. Otherwise, we are more than happy to search for an alternative.

If you decide this is not for you, then there is no obligation at all to feel you need to proceed. We only work with clients who genuinely wish to use our services and see the value we can bring to them.

4. Management of your portfolio during the entire term

Our team of investment managers then are responsible to monitor and/or manage your investment portfolio during the entire period it is invested. Your appointed Wealth Manager will be your regular point of contact, Our goal is your satisfaction, providing a holistic professional service of the highest standard.

Regular Savings

With bank interest rates on most major currencies close to zero, returns on savings accounts are faring less than current inflation rates, meaning over time your purchasing power is eroding. By saving through one of our flexible, managed savings portfolios, we can make your money achieve greater potential for growth, so that you accumulate more for your future. The following graph depicts the growth potential we achieve for our clients based on the 3 variable risk portfolios we offer and how it would look over time compared to leaving the money in a bank account:

In addition, we can utilise those plans which operate in tax-efficient jurisdictions, meaning your savings can grow in a tax-efficient manner in a choice of major currencies. Our plans do not have the same confinements offered by bank solutions, providing you with the complete autonomy on how you wish to save or the amount you wish to contribute. Whatever your purpose, we can assist you in planning for that future in a manner that works for you!

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